No.17 Foundation

No.17 Foundation creates and curates the conditions for our planet’s citizens to collaborate on initiatives and projects that stewards the flourishing of Life.

As one humanity, we have the shared challenge of sustainability; we also have the resources and means to bring forth the flourishing of Life. Our mission is to create the conditions for collaboration.

Our Community Development - Transforming the economy towards flourishing


Through the partnerships, collaboration and corporate philanthropy we create or curate, hearts, minds and passions are fused together into new relationships that push projects through and birth new initiatives.

Core Member of Philanthropy Asia Alliance
By Temasek Trust

No.17 Foundation is one of the key voices and core member of the Philanthropy Asia Alliance. Represented by its founder, Chavalit Frederick Tsao, the foundation pledged towards the US$700 million (over S$1 billion) under the alliance to catalyze solutions for humanity’s shared sustainability challenge.

Chavalit Frederick Tsao is the founder of No. 17 Foundation and the fourth generation steward of Tsao Pao Chee (TPC); a well-being business ecosystem. He has committed his life and business to serve the new era.

Let’s Collaborate

No.17 Foundation is a platform for collaboration between like-minded and same-hearted individuals and communities to co-create.